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At Berkeley Point we love cool things - we love gadgets, widgets, new inventions, tried and tested tools and accessories - anything that makes what we do easier.



We strive to carry the most innovative products available in our product families. We've used every item ourselves and found that each one made our life better in some way. We hope you agree.

Our product families include the Tri-Cluster LED Lighting Fixtures and accessories, Loc-Line flexible hose, Cetacea straps and fasteners for cameras, dive gear and other valuable items, stainless steel accessories and fasteners from Suncor Stainless, and other innovative and useful tools that we love to use.

Product Families:

Light Fixtures
A wide selection of LED-based lighting solutions for marine, landscape, indoor, exterior/architectural and creative use.
A fine selection of Stainless Steel hardware for marine, yard, shop and garden use.
The worlds best articulated hose solution for fluid, wire, air and a myriad of other uses.
Cord & Chain
A selection of chain, cord and accessoiries for use in building lanyards, tie-downs and other uses.
A small selection of flashlight parts and modifications.
Installation Materials
Materials to help you with low-voltage lighting installations.
Tools and tethers
Our favorite tools and tethers 9inlcudes flashlights and flashlights mods). These made our jobs (and lives) a little easier.
Power Supplies
A small selection of low-voltage power supplies for use with our LED-based lighting.

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